Modules range from 1-1.25 hours in length, and are delivered via a streaming platform in the optimal format for your viewing device. These programs are available free of charge.

Module Title Length

Critical Psychosocial Issues in Diabetes: Key Contributors to Patient Disengagement


  • Motivation and Diabetes: A New Approach to an Old Problem
  • How Big of a Deal is Depression in Diabetes?
  • Understanding and Assessing Diabetes Distress
  • Addressing Patients’ Sense of Fatalism and Hopelessness
  • The Problem of Perceived Treatment Inefficacy

Critical Psychosocial Issues in Diabetes: Problematic Medication-Taking Behaviors


  • The Scope of the Problem
  • Medication-Taking Behaviors and the Problem of Forgetfulness
  • Medication-Taking Behaviors and the Problem of Patient-Physician Trust
  • Addressing Patients' Misbeliefs About Their Medications

Difficult Psychosocial Challenges in Diabetes Care


  • Worries and Concerns about Hypoglycemia
  • Psychological Insulin Resistance
  • Disordered Eating in Diabetes
  • When Diabetes Meets Substance Abuse
1 hour

Everyday Psychosocial Interventions for Your Diabetes Toolkit 


  • Providing Patients with Personalized Metabolic Feedback
  • Addressing the Common Environmental Barriers to Successful Diabetes Self-Care
  • Developing Effective Action Plans for Diabetes Care with Your Patients
.75 hours

Enhancing Communication Between Patients and Healthcare Professionals 


  • Words Matter: Leveraging the Power of Language During Clinic Visits
  • The Role for Empathy in Diabetes Care
  • An Introduction to the Uses of Motivational Interviewing in Diabetes Care
  • Effective Strategies for Discussing Diabetes at the Time of Diagnosis
1 hour


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