The 28th International Dynamics & Evolution of Human Viruses conference will be held virturally May 5-7, 2021.

This meeting series was designed to promote discussion between specialists in quantitative and computational approaches in two areas in the field of virology where these are particularly important:

  1. Modeling of viral and cellular dynamics
  2. Viral evolution and population genetics

Many of these approaches were originally developed for HIV but are now applied to many viruses where extensive data are available. We encourage the submission of abstracts relating to work on HIV, SARS-CoV-2 and other human viruses. We consider topics on statistical, mathematical, computational, and integrative approaches to analyzing the dynamics and evolution of human viruses within the scope of this meeting.

Abstracts were accepted for the following topics:

  • Virus Discovery & Emerging Viral Infections
  • Animal Hosts & Spilllover
  • Viral Origins & Evolutionary History
  • Genetic Sequencing & Bioinformatics
  • Transmission Dynamics & Transmission Clusters
  • Between Host Evolution & Genetic Epidemiology
  • Within-Host Dynamics, Pathogenesis & Modeling
  • Software, Tools & Methods
  • Molecular Evolution & Selection
  • Modeling of Virus Spread & Interventions¬†
  • Immunology, Vaccines & Escape Mutants
  • Antiviral-Treatment & PrEP
  • HIV-Latency & Reservoirs
  • Viral Outbreaks

We actively encourage participation of researchers from around the globe, including junior scientists and members of minority groups.

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